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Petcare Facility Certification

What is the ISCC Petcare Facility Certification Program?

The Petcare Facility Certification Program enables participating Pet Styling Salon Operators to bring their facilities into compliance with stringent guidelines for pet handling, housing, and care - as well as business operating standards.

It is designed to:

  1. Raise pet care industry standards and improve business practices and management by assisting the owners of pet styling salons and mobile operations to attain the highest level of professionalism.
  2. Identify pet styling and mobile operations which operate in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  3. Enable Pet Care Facility Owners to become compliant with the ISCC and PPGSA Pet Industry Standards of Care through the ISCC Petcare Facility Certification process.
  4. Encourage Pet Care Professionals to pursue their development and growth through continuing education.
  5. Provide Pet Care Professionals with an understanding and comprehension of local, state, federal and OSHA regulations regarding business practices and the health and safety of their employees and the pets entrusted to their care.

For a FREE ISCC Approved Safety checklist, please complete & submit
to ISCC.


What is OSHA?

OSHA is a federal agency governed by the Department of Labor whose purpose is to assure a safe and healthy work environment.  OSHA has been granted the power to levy fines, close work areas and can send violators to prison.  If you have employees, you must be in compliance with OSHA regulations.

While it is the responsibility of each employer to be in compliance with OSHA Health and Safety regulations, The ISCC Petcare Facility Certification Program offers guidance to Pet Care Facility Owners striving to become compliant with OSHA mandates.

Petcare Facility Application

You have the option of clicking the thumbnail image to print out the form and complete by hand or you can register now in our store!

The ISCC Petcare Facility Program requires:

  1. Completion and submission of the ISCC Petcare Facility Certification application with all applicable fees and documentation.
  2. Consultation and review of the facility and its business practices. 
  3. Facility inspection and evaluation. (either on-site or via video)

Is your Salon compliant with the ISCC and PPGSA Standards of Pet Care?  Will your salon pass an ISCC Petcare Facility inspection? Would you like a comprehensive and private assessment of your business strengths and weaknesses?

Improve the quality of your services while demonstrating to clients your commitment to pet and employee safety and health.

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Become an ISCC Certified Petcare Facility