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ISCC Certified Professional Pet Groomer
ICPG Written Tests

In addition to the ICPG Practical skills tests, the following series of tests must be successfully passed to become an ISCC Certified Professional Pet Groomer. To begin the written test process:

FIRST: Select and click on the desired test. It will link you to the order form.
NEXT: Complete the order form and submit payment
THEN: Once the order has been received, you will receive a “Test Link” via email from ISCC.

Note: “Test Links” via ISCC Email are process and forwarded Monday-Sunday, 9am – 9pm. Dependent upon the time you complete your order, expect to receive your “Test” Link” within 1-24 hours following receipt of your order form. Once you take your test, you will receive instant grade notification.

For individuals seeking to become “PDS” and “ICPG” Certified, the ICPG tests (250-254) may be substituted for the “PDS” tests. All ICPG Tests are 60 minute, timed exams. Questions within the tests are formatted as “True/False”, “Multiple Choice”, and “Matching”.

• ICPG Test 250 Canine/Feline Skin & Hair Anatomy & Topical Conditioning; Ectoparasites & Insecticides. Required Study Material: ISCC Study Guide/Addendum (Sec.1) -& SuperCoats Book by Pam Lauritzen
• ICPG Test 251 Pet Injury Prevention, 1st Aid & CPR; Canine Anatomy; Zoonotic Diseases & Sanitation. Required Study Material: ISCC Study Guide/Addendum (Sec.2) -& Pet 1st Aid & Disaster Response by G. Elaine Acker.
• ICPG Test 252
Animal Behavior & Management. Required Study Material: ISCC Study Guide/Addendum (Sec.3) -& Behavior Problems in Dogs by William Campbell.
• ICPG Test 253 The Mechanics of Pet Grooming; Breed ID & Coat Characteristics (Toy, Sporting, Non-Sporting & Hound Groups). Required Study Material: ISCC Study Guide/Addendum (sec.4, Clipper & Scissor Techniques) -& The Complete Dog Book by AKC.
• ICPG Test 254
Breed ID & Coat Characteristics (Working, Herding, Terrier & Miscellaneous Groups). Required Study Material: The Complete Dog Book by AKC
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