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Certification Program

What is the ISCC Certification Program?

ISCC has developed the most comprehensive continuing education and certification programs available within the pet styling and grooming profession. It is designed for pet bather/dryers, groomers and stylists. Novice or veteran, ISCC has programs that will assist your continuing education – and then validate your expertise through our multi-level certification process. In addition, we also have programs for Salon Owners Petcare Facility and industry schools ISCC.

The multi-level certification process includes ISCC’s outstanding and innovative Petcare DermaTech Specialist (PDS), Certified Skin & Coat Care Specialist (SCS), Certified Pet 1st Aid & CPR Specialist (PACS), Certified Professional Groomer (ICPG) program, Master Pet Stylist (MPS), and the Master Pet Stylist Meritus (MPS Meritus) program. ISCC Membership is required for participation in the ISCC Certification programs. Click Here to Join.

Both written and practical skills tests are required to complete each level of the testing process.

Written tests may be taken on this website On-Line Testing. To help participants prepare for the written test process, the following study materials are required.

  1. The ISCC Study Guide, its Addendum and the SuperCoat Book Insert. If you are an ISCC Member but do not have these study materials, they may be acquired in “Products” on this site Membership Products. If not an ISCC Member, we recommend that you purchase either the ISCC Regular Membership Package or the ISCC Salon Membership Package available in “Products” on this site. Membership Products. Should you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact the ISCC Office. Contact Us
  2. 20th or 21st Edition AKC by the American Kennel Club (acquire from or
  3. Behavior Problems In Dogs by William Campbell (acquire used or new on
  4. Pet First Aid & Disaster Response Guide by Elaine Acker (Acquire used or new on
Dog at the Groomers

Practical skills testing for the ISCC Petcare DermaTech Specialist and ISCC Skin and Coat Care Specialist programs may be submitted via video. A form outlining the procedures required for preparing and submitting the Video may be acquired from ISCC Office or on this website DermaTech Practical Skills Standards.

While you may also submit your Pet 1st Aid and CPR practical skills test via video, ISCC recommends attending an ISCC Approved Pet Injury Prevention, 1st Aid and CPR training program. These programs are conducted as specialized seminars or may be at an industry show. Salon owners may also contact the ISCC Office to request “on-site” training for their employees by an ISCC Authorized Pet 1st Aid and CPR expert. Attendance at an ISCC Approved Pet Injury Prevention, 1st Aid and CPR training program includes the required written and practical skills examinations.

Practical Skills examinations for the ISCC Certified Professional Groomer (ICPG) and the Master Pet Stylist certification programs may be taken at any ISCC Authorized Test Center or industry show where ISCC has a booth on site.

Additionally, ISCC Certifiers are authorized to conduct practical skills testing at their site or a location that is requested by test applicants (i.e. seminars, shows, or pet care facility where they are present and the event/facility has agreed to accommodate the testing process).

You may also make arrangements through the ISCC Office to pay the expenses and fees to bring an approved ISCC Certifier to your facility. This is an excellent option for Salon owners who have multiple employees participating in the ISCC Certification programs.


ISCC Meritus Program: The ISCC Meritus program is designed for individuals who have completed their Master Pet Stylist certification and wish to become an ISCC Approved Certifier and Consultant. If you have completed the ISCC Master Pet Stylist certification process and wish to continue into the “Meritus” program, please contact the ISCC Office to register for an assigned Meritus project and presentation (generally industry or breed specific project). The “Meritus” candidate is given up to two years for completion of their assigned project.

Once the approved Meritus assignment has been completed and the presentation outline has been submitted to the ISCC Office, the applicant will be scheduled to appear at a pet industry seminar or show to deliver the presentation. A panel of three ISCC Approved Certifiers is then assigned to review and evaluate the presentation for Meritus status. If approved, the title of Master Pet Stylist Meritus is conferred. Individuals who complete this phase of the ISCC Certification process may enter the ISCC Certifier/Consultant Apprenticeship program.

ISCC’s Multi-level Certification is a one-of-a-kind revolutionary educational and testing process. Yes, our standards are high, but our team of experts and Certifiers are ready to help you succeed. It’s worth the effort and has career-changing benefits. All you have to do is take the first step!

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