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ISCC Certifiers

All ISCC Certifiers are required to complete all phases of the ISCC certification program and have attained ISCC Master Pet Stylist, Meritus status. They are also required to complete the Certifier/Consultant training and apprenticeship program and be approved by the ISCC Executive Board. Once an approved ISCC Certifier, they are required to remain current with the latest industry trends and innovations to maintain their active Certifier status and must annually attend Petcare industry seminars, AKC Dog Shows, and ISCC Certifier/Consultant continuing education programs. ISCC is proud to recognize the following individuals as ISCC Approved Certifiers and Consultants.

Pam Lauritzen

Pam Lauritzen, Founder of ISCC, ISCC PDS, MPS, Meritus, Certifier

A leader and a pioneer within the Pet Styling Industry for over thirty years, Pam is recognized by her peers as an accomplished and award winning Pet Stylist, Judge, Lecturer, Author, and Trade Show Manager. Pam is recognized and respected throughout the industry for her tireless efforts to promote professionalism, education, and the organization of Petcare Professionals.  

In this capacity, she co-founded the Illinois State Professional Dog Groomers Association and the Southern Association of Professional Dog Groomers and served as the first president of each organization.

Pam was also instrumental in the creation of Professional Pet Groomers Certification, Inc. (PPGC) where she served as their President and first Certification Coordinator, and was selected by her peers as the first Certified Master Groomer and Certifier in the United States.

In 1988, by virtue of her outstanding pet styling credentials and accomplishments, Pam was selected to be the first Chairman of the Board of International Professional Groomers, Inc. (IPG) and is currently the founder and Executive Director of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists (ISCC).

Pam is in the vanguard of research and development of new and innovative concepts and pet styling techniques.  She founded the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists (ISCC) as an effort to provide quality Petcare programs structured in a multi-level format so as to provide exceptional educational, certification, and career opportunities.

Yes, the ISCC is known and respected for its high standards, but Pam has developed programs that have exceeded industry expectations and provide Petcare professionals with exceptional career opportunities.

Julie Berkeley

Julie Berkeley, ISCC PDS, MPS, Meritus, Certifier

Julie is a respected Pet Styling Judge and has been a Pet Styling Instructor through the Minnesota State Vocational System for over 10 years. She was one of the founders of the MN Association of Dog Groomers and was instrumental in the development and acted as Head Instructor of the Universal Academy of Animal Arts. Julie also helped to establish the first certification programs in the US and was among the first Certifiers. She is now a Senior Certifier and Consultant for ISCC.

Vero DaSlyva

Vero DaSylva, ISCC PDS, MPS, Meritus, Certifier

Accomplished Pet Stylist in the Grooming Industry in the US and Europe, Vero is a MPS Meritus, Judge, Speaker, Mentor, as well as Certifier/Consultant for the ISCC. She is a part of the well-known Educational Team “The Best of the Masters”, which train and mentor other stylists worldwide. She was a Groom Team USA Member from 2003 to 2006, number one Groomer in the Country for 3 years.

Multiple Best in Show and Best All-Around wins, Vero Receive multiple Scissoring awards: Lynne Carver Awards, Ultimate Pet Stylist Award, Winner of the Triple Crown Circle Tournament. She received the Cardinal Chrystal Achievement Award for Best American Groomer of the Year twice, World Invitational Grand Champion at the Oster International Invitational Tournament of Champions. Vero was also Winner of the Show Dog of the Year Special Industry Award for Groomer of the Year at the Westminster Dog Show twice. Winning the Gold Medal at the World Groom Team Championship in France in 2005, Vero helped the Team bring home the Silver Medal. Vero is active in the show ring in Europe and US for years showing Poodles, Scottish Terriers, Bichon Frises. She finished her own Silver Dwarf Poodle “Happy New Year de Herdezabad” in Europe (F.C.I. French Champion, Multi International Champion) and her own Black Brindle Scottish Terrier “Sugarbush September Song” in the US (A.K.C. American Champion). In addition, Vero did win Best in Show with both her “Girls” in the Grooming Competition Ring in the US and Europe.

Patsy Edmonson

Patsy Edmonson, ISCC PDS, MPS, Meritus, Certifier

An ISCC Certifier and Consultant with over 30 years of Pet Styling experience, Patsy is well respected as an industry leader, lecturer, Pet Styling Judge. Patsy bred and showed Shetland Sheep Dogs for over 40 years with over 50 Champions. She is an AKC Judge specializing in Herding breeds. She was also past owner and head Instructor of the Texas All Breed Pet Styling School for over 20 years.

Melissa Sirianni

Melissa Sirianni, ISCC PDS, MPS, Meritus, Certifier

As an accomplished industry speaker and leader, Melissa has owned two Pet Styling Salons and has been active in the Pet Styling Industry for over 20 years. Melissa is an ISCC Petcare DermaTech Specialist and Master pet Stylist, Meritus. Her two biggest loves are safety and health and she has been an authorized OSHA General Industry Trainer for over 10 Years.

Currently she is ISCC’s Safety and Health Educator and Consultant, and a Skin and Coat Specialist heading up the ISCC’s new Authorized Skin and Coat Care Centers along with the newly introduced “SuperCoats Petcare product line”. In this capacity, Melissa is actively working on behalf of the ISCC toward making the Pet Care Industry a safe and healthy environment.

Deborah Walker

Deborah Walker, ISCC PDS, MPS, Meritus, Certifier

Owner of LaBest Pet Styling Salon and LaBest Academy of Animal Arts in Edwardsville, IL, Deborah is nationally recognized as one of the top Creative Pet Styling Artists in the US. Deborah’s accomplishments also include Pet Styling Judge, lecturer, author and ISCC Certifier and Consultant.
Deborah’s special interest in Canine Massage & Acupressure Therapy techniques have gained her acclaim and she is in great demand for her unique and successful methods geared toward the improvement of the emotional and physical comfort & health of pets.

Scott Wasserman

Scott Wasserman, ISCC PDS, MPS, Meritus, Certifier

Scott began his love of pets at the early age of 10 when he went with his father, who was a carpenter, to an Airedale Terrier breeder’s kennel to do some work. He spent more time playing with the Airedales than helping his father and this lead to the attraction and love of dogs, in which he would dedicate his life to.

As he continued along his adventures, he began learning the fine art of hand stripping, a special technique used to style terriers and other harsh-coated breeds from his mentor, Nancy Secrist of Seneca Airedales. After high school, he later went on to apprentice with two of the top terrier professional handlers and a poodle handler to develop his styling skills.

In 1992, Scott started a very successful pet styling contest ring career and his winning began to take off. His most prestigious wins include Best Pet Stylist in Show at the U.S. Pet Pro Classic twice and the coveted Intergroom International Groomer of the Year award. Scott has had a successful international judging and speaking tour having traveled to England, Italy, Scotland, France, Argentina, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and Canada. He has received several nominations of the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards, winning the award of Congeniality in 2001 and Judge of the Year in 2014.

Scott is also the contest coordinator for the Groom South in Missouri.