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The Benefits of Becoming a Member of ISCC

One of the primary goals of ISCC is to provide a medium for basic and advanced continuing education through comprehensive seminars, publications and technical support services.


Conferences, Seminars & Workshops

ISCC is committed to providing Professional Pet Groomers and Stylists with comprehensive one and two day conferences, seminars and specialized workshops conducted at major cities and metropolitan areas throughout the world. These educational programs represent the latest innovations and technological advancements featuring "hot topics" and demonstrations with expert speakers and leaders within the industry.

Our educational programs include:

• Mastering the Mechanics & Art of Clipping
• Mastering the Mechanics & Art of Scissoring
• Geometrics In Canine Design
• Topical Conditioning of Canine Skin & Coat
• Animal Behavior & Management Pet Styling Salon Management
• Mastering the Art of Styling Terriers
• Mastering the Art of Styling Sporting Breeds
• and much, much more...

Four-Day Symposiums

The most comprehensive "skill oriented" educational event in the pet grooming and styling industry, our four day symposiums are designed to increase your current skill level 100 times over. Imagine yourself continuing your professional growth in an accelerated learning environment taught by a team of experts that includes highly respected industry leaders. Award winning Pet Stylists are raving about the ISCC Symposiums. Wouldn't you like to know what all the talk is about?!

ISCC is committed to providing avenues for your professional growth!


ISCC provides a communication network to link you with others
within the pet care industry.

Novice or veteran, networking is a valuable resource that facilitates your ability to establish contact with others within the Petcare Industry thus creating a circle of friends to call upon for guidance with business problems or opportunities.

Employment Assistance Programs

Our networking capabilities provide a liaison between prospective employers and/or employees. ISCC members are in high demand by Pet Styling salon owners. If you are seeking employment, remember to register with our employment assistance program. Opportunity may only be a phone call away! For salon owners seeking qualified Pet Groomers & Stylists, you too should register with our employment assistance program. We'll make every effort to assist your search for qualified personnel.

Client Referral Services

In the event that one of your clients is relocating, ISCC's networking services allow you to refer them to a reputable professional. Now you can recommend, with confidence, another professional that adheres to the same high standards and ethics as you do!

General Pet Grooming, Styling and Business Advice

Should you encounter a pet grooming, styling or business problem, it's nice to know that help is only a phone call away. ISCC will attempt to assist you through our available resources, networking and experience which may include referring you to other professionals who are willing to share their knowledge, experiences and solutions.

You too could become a valued member of the ISCC Network!


While the major purpose of ISCC is to provide networking and educational programs, a comprehensive multi-level certification program has been implemented
to establish acceptable and recognizable standards of pet styling excellence
and to provide voluntary programs whereby that excellence may be visibly demonstrated, measured and verified.

Our Standards Are High

It is the philosophy of ISCC to guide their members through the testing process as an educational experience. We are here to provide support and assistance as you proceed in your pursuit of excellence! The ultimate goal of ISCC is to provide the most comprehensive educational programs available within the Pet Grooming and Styling Industry. We believe certification simply directs you toward that education and provides a method of validating your achievement.

ISCC leads the industry in education!

Yes, our standards are high, but we have developed programs, which will exceed your expectations!